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What I'm Loving This Week.

We all know I claim to love a lot of things. That is nothing new. Since I am very ADD about what I'm loving, each week I am going to share my current obsessions with you here. If you have anything you love that I need to check out, feel free to slide into my DMs on IG. That's what the DMs are for, right? I know...I'm very cool.

1) WINE - I'm living for WINC at the moment. If you don’t know how WINC works, check out my full post but right now you can save $22 off with my promo code “theborrowedbabes”. Click here to order and save on wine shipped right to your door.

2) Athleisure Wear is Life - I love to look great, but feel comfortable while working from home. To do that, I’ve been wearing my new favorite brand for more than just the gym. Check out KORA Fitness!
KORA Fitness - Great clothing. Great cause. Click Here to Shop. Use code "TheBorrowedBabes15" to save 15% off your purchase. 

For chic and fashionable athleisure gear, check out my latest obsession Carbon 38

And of course, we all know I LOVE The Rock. His latest collection with Under Armour just dropped. Go show him some love. We can be twins.

3) My Gym Obsession - Kick It by Eliza. Y'all...this is my new favorite thing in life. So much so that I am getting certified to teach it. ELIZA is the best and you need to try it out. If you're in Newport, check it out at Pulse. If you're in Jax, start telling your gym you want it and GUESS WHAT? I can teach it for you/them once I'm back this year. Get. Your. Yoga. Pants. Ready. To. Party. 

4) My Babes at Frangipani Hair Studio - Each trip to Jacksonville I basically make it a point to schedule my work functions around the ability to get my hair cut, highlighted, and magically transformed by @BritDoesMyHair. I found Brittany by accident a few years ago and now I’ve decided it was destiny. She is the BEST! My stylist Brittany is located at Frangipani in Jacksonville Beach, but everyone there is amazing. If you live anywhere in the North Florida area and you don’t 100% LOVE your salon or stylish, I HIGHLY recommend you call Franigpani hair studio. And the best part? Now they have two locations, the original location at Jax Beach and now one in Avondale. AND P.S. If you prefer to visit the Avondale location, you have to go see Chelsey (@TheBlondeBabe_)!


Brand I'm Digging This Week - Gage Huntley

I love a good sarcastic remark, especially when it's on a funny graphic tee and my favorite brand this week combines my two favorite loves into jewelry...passive aggressive sarcasm and misplaced self confidence. This brand has been a favorite of mine for a long time now, and you need to check them out. 

Click Here to Shop Online - Gage Huntley

Click Here to Follow them on IG - @shopgagehuntley

Babe(s) of the Week - Chelsea in Chelsea & The Brooklyn Blonde

My babes of the week this week are two lovely ladies I had the pleasure of chatting with on their new podcast, The Sassy & Uncalled For podcast. Meet Chelsea & Stephanie. These babes are doing it all and being amazing and you need to give them a follow and a listen. 

AND BONUS - If you are feeling real SASSY, go buy PLAYBOY this week. Stephanie was published in Playboy and it's a STELLAR ARTICLE. So no joke...this time you would actually buy Playboy for the articles. She's SUCH A BADASS. 

Click Here for More information on their cast and previous episodes!

Follow them on IG - @TheSassyCast, @_StephanieHaney, @Chelsearlewine

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 Amy West's Annual List of North Florida Influencers to Follow - Click the image to link to her fabulous blog!

Amy West's Annual List of North Florida Influencers to Follow - Click the image to link to her fabulous blog!

Amy West's List of North Florida Influencers to Follow 

About Amy

Occasionally in life, you’re lucky enough to find a stone cold pack of weirdos that tolerate your shenanigans and still call you a friend (even if just online) and that group of loveable loonies for me is my fellow bloggers, vloggers, and whatever other type of ogger you can be.

Often times, it’s because they too, participate in said shenanigans, so they become your friend IRL. Your online to real life #RIDEORDIE sorta people. (Kids, did I use that slang correctly?) I’ve posted on #TheBorrowedBlog about some of these sweet nuggets before, but today, fellow blogger and content curator extraordinaire Amy West shared an amazing round-up of some of the best folks you’ll find in the North Florida area on her blog #AmyWestTravels.

I have no jokes or one liners to make here…just click the link in my bio to head over to her page and check it out for yourself. AND do yourself a favor and follow everyone she listed. They work way harder than I do to curate amazing features, write/record informative posts and videos, and capture stunning imagery so if you want to see real creatives at work, give them all a follow.