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We love to share the latest and greatest updates from our favorite brands, bloggers, booze and events so we created a new page to highlight them all. If you have an event, item, or blogger to feature, send me an email. Click here for contact information!

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What I'm Loving This Week.

We all know I claim to love a lot of things. That is nothing new. Since I am very ADD about what I'm loving, each week I am going to share my current obsessions with you here. If you have anything you love that I need to check out, feel free to slide into my DMs on IG. That's what the DMs are for, right? I know...I'm very cool.

Blog Featured on Round Up of Top Jacksonville Blogs!

As a fellow Marketer I appreciate businesses who think outside the box, and this company gets major props from me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about other Jacksonville bloggers in their feature published on their blog yesterday about their favorite Jacksonville blogs. Make sure to click below to visit their site and learn more about their (and some of my) favorite fellow Jacksonville bloggers.

Read the Feature on AC Designs Inc. Website

Brand I'm Digging This Week - True Gault

I love shoes. If you follow me on IG, you’re aware of this. You’re also aware that I struggle to find shoes I love that fit. Enter True Gault. This amazing brand is changing the footwear game one pair of custom shoes at a time. You’ll learn more about them in the near future, but for now, just know you can have shoes made from an app on your phone that fit your imperfect feet perfectly. Check them out today! The only person in this scenario that might have regrets about you discovering this site, is your bank account.

Click Here to Shop Online - True Gault

Click Here to Follow them on IG - @TrueGault

Babe of the Week - Jenny Lynne of Her Best Always

My babe of the week this week is one of my favorite North Florida bloggers, Jenny Lynne of Her Best Always. Not only is Jenny an actual BOSS in her 9 - 5 gig, but she’s crushing it on the blogging side as well. She posts amazing work wear and casual style for every boss babe and also has the best REAL day to day IG stories.

It also doesn’t hurt her status as Babe of the Week that she is always willing to listen to my random stories about absolute insanity and anyone that willingly subjects themselves to that is a BABE in my book.

To Follow Jenny on IG - @HerBestAlways

To Follow her Blog -

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Amy West's Annual List of North Florida Influencers to Follow - Click the image to link to her fabulous blog!

Amy West's Annual List of North Florida Influencers to Follow - Click the image to link to her fabulous blog!

Amy West's List of North Florida Influencers to Follow 

About Amy

Occasionally in life, you’re lucky enough to find a stone cold pack of weirdos that tolerate your shenanigans and still call you a friend (even if just online) and that group of loveable loonies for me is my fellow bloggers, vloggers, and whatever other type of ogger you can be.

Often times, it’s because they too, participate in said shenanigans, so they become your friend IRL. Your online to real life #RIDEORDIE sorta people. (Kids, did I use that slang correctly?) I’ve posted on #TheBorrowedBlog about some of these sweet nuggets before, but today, fellow blogger and content curator extraordinaire Amy West shared an amazing round-up of some of the best folks you’ll find in the North Florida area on her blog #AmyWestTravels.

I have no jokes or one liners to make here…just click the link in my bio to head over to her page and check it out for yourself. AND do yourself a favor and follow everyone she listed. They work way harder than I do to curate amazing features, write/record informative posts and videos, and capture stunning imagery so if you want to see real creatives at work, give them all a follow.