About The Borrowed Babes

Kimberly (pictured left) and Stephanie (pictured right) of The Borrowed Babes with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff after her NYFW 2016 show. 

The Borrowed Babes basically began as "The Buying Babes" way back in 2007 at the University of Florida. Kimberly and I met through a FABULOUS mutual friend and coworker from the most glorious job you could have at that time...a server/hostess/beverage cart chick at THE Gainesville Country Club. We bonded over our love of style, shopping, and shaking it on the dance floor. Even though employer was great to us, we were not exactly made of money. We worked our way through school and spent the majority of our very limited disposable income on vodka, champagne, and clothes. (Probably in that order mostly...Hey, we didn't say all of our decisions prior to launching this endeavor were always the most intelligent choices on the face of the earth.)  

We dreamt of the days in our future when we could afford the fancier threads in life. We'd own the Manolos like Carrie. We'd rock the Gucci like Samantha. And we'd have the closet of all SATC ladies combined. Even though we still haven't quite made it to that point, Rent the Runway came along. (And now countless other options as well...) Kimberly and I often exchanged texts and phone calls discussing what we could rent and where we could wear these amazing pieces. For a few years, that is where we left it. A pipe dream of clothing for events we'd never attend. We both left Gainesville for various reasons and went on our way to attempt this thing called, "adulting." 

Fast forward a few years of separated madness and we both landed in Jacksonville, Florida. We reconnected over the same shared loves but replaced vodka with wine...because, duh we are "adulting" now and that's what we decided was best. We still had the same conversations about amazing pieces we would rent if we had places to wear them, but only rented for the occasional special event or charity gala. AND then one day the fashion heavens opened up their loving arms and gave us the "Unlimited" program at Rent the Runway. We both hopped on the plan, and the rest has been well dressed, low cost history. 

Since that time, we've made it our mission to Find Fashion for Less. We utilize our RTR program to the fullest and have added other rental and borrowed options as well. Combined, we borrow as many pieces as we can get our hands on. Kimberly is the QUEEN of borrowing and reselling. She is an Ebay ninja. A Tradesy diva. A re-purposed fashion fiend. 

As the half of this duo that is not your average size woman, I am the Borrowing master. If you can borrow and return an item of clothing, accessory or beauty product, I do. This borrowing phenomenon has completely reshaped our closets and allowed us to "try before we buy." Now when we look to own the Manolos, Guccis, and Louboutins of the world, we know how they fit and which ones to get. 

Throughout 2015 and early 2016, we kept discussing the idea of starting our own blog. We always came up with one reason or another to delay it. However, we realized the world had other plans for us. We, as we called it, "put our positive vibes out into the world" and entered a chance to win a trip to NYFW. AND WIN WE DID. With a little wine, a few selfies, and an amazing trip to NYC for New York Fashion Week 2016, we thought it was time to share all of our style secrets. 

As we start this journey, we hope you find ways to use our helpful borrowing best practices to build your wardrobe. We know our personalities and vibes will change as we grow our blog, but we hope you find inspiration and motivation to tackle whatever tasks you so choose. Our posts will contain something borrowed, something new, and hopefully something to help inspire you.  

To Contact The Babes, email us or hit us up on IG! 

Stephanie: Stephanie@theborrowedbabes.com

About Stephanie and Kimberly 


Stephanie with Sean and Oso in San Marco Square - 2015: Photo by Paige Roberts Schicker, Owner of True Era Photography 

Your main babe blogging is typically Stephanie. That's me, pictured above with my hubby and crazy Chow Chow...meaning you'll hear things written in my voice fairly often. I am a 6 foot tall Navy wife that works in Marketing and PR. Taller than your average lady, I struggle to find clothing that is fashionable, age appropriate, and offers sufficient butt cheek coverage. :-) If I can borrow it, I do. I am also the half of our duo that has the stellar opportunity to attend some really awesome local events, charity galas, dinner parties and Happy Hours that require a few nice duds here and there. My sense of style is a mix of classic, preppy and edgy. I change my style with my mood and settings. I also like to think I am decently funny so any bad jokes are typically courtesy of me. I'm sorry and you're welcome. :-) 

To learn more about me and my intense love of all things Jacksonville, click here to visit my Find Your Jax testimonial. 


Kimberly and Jeremy in Wine Country - 2015: Photo by Rachel Simpson, Owner of Rachel Simpson Photography 

Kimberly, pictured above with her hubby, Jeremy is the CFO - Chief Fashion Officer/Chief FAB Officer/Chief Find It At the Best Price Officer...she just gets style. And she always gets it for less. She is the boho chic, beach babe of the duo. Her daytime is spent molding the minds of the youth of America as a counselor. At night, she is a flexible, fashionable yoga teacher. On the weekends, she is the fanciest football fanatic you'll ever see in real life. She is constantly on the go with her loving hubby and precious pups and always has a bottle of bubbly on ice. Kimberly's not so secret talent is finding the MOST AMAZING pieces on sites like eBay and Tradesy. Seriously, her closet is what you dream of and her skills are better than any online shopper you know.