Whirling through Wednesday - September 28, 2016

Whirling through Wednesday - September 28, 2016

Clear Eyes, Full Skirts, Can't Lose


If you follow fashion on Instagram you’ve probably come across several posts about the frugal fashion fabulousness that is SheInside Official. They carry a TON of awesome, trendy, unique pieces for babes on a budget. I can spend hours on their site putting items into my shopping cart to then only realize I’m not the Queen of England and there is no reasonable need to buy 36 midi skirts. (Especially when I can rent similar, unique ones that may only need to be worn once. :-) )

This particular skirt though really caught my eye. As a tall woman, I have been known to rock maxis as midis, midis as minis and minis as handkerchiefs…actually that last one is a joke, but you get the point. Long lengths on another person need to be EXTRA LONG in order for it to fit me the intended way. I saw this skirt on another fab fashion blogger and noticed the extra length on her smaller frame. I immediately clicked on the link and put that puppy in my cart. I also added a few other items that will be posted as soon as I have a valid reason to wear them.

This skirt is an awesome transitional piece. In Florida, it’s obviously still pretty warm compared to other parts of the country so we are still in our summerish wardrobe during fall months. (Y’all the struggle is so real in the Florida fall.) This is a great skirt to give you slightly more coverage for a cooler day, but also has the pop of color from your summer staples. The length and fit are perfect for tall ladies. I ordered the large because it’s always easier to take in an item, but there is only so much room to expand. I’m glad I did because the large was only a smidge loose in the waist, but with a quick stitch I fixed that.

The transitional capabilities don’t stop there. It’s perfect to be dressed up or down. This particular day I wore it to the office with a button down, but also paired it with this great off the shoulder body suit (also from SheInside) that I can wear for a night to dinner and dancing. For both ensembles I opted for my go to Payless heels that I own in every color they made. They are similar to SW Nudist heels without the height and price. One day, I’ll own all SW but I have yet to arrive at that day. These heels are low enough for work but still have enough height to jazz up a nighttime outfit.

This skirt obviously deviated from our normal borrowing norm, but we’ve linked several options for rentals that are similar styles.

Not much needs to be said for the button down. Played it safe there since it was an office look. That button down is from Express and I LOVE their button down shirts for women. They are professional but have a feminine cut so you don’t feel like you are back in middle school wearing an oversized, untailored polo because you have to be “professional”. (Anyone else have ill fitting uniforms for school or after hour responsibilities? Maybe it was just me, my extra height and “baby fat.”)

For the jewelry on this outfit, I couldn’t leave the red floral necklace out any longer. I don’t wear it as much anymore as I did when I initially purchased it at my mothership, Target, but it felt right with this combo. For the off the shoulder night option, I chose more bling because MORE BLING IS BETTER. (At least in my eyes…to each their own.)

With that, we whirled all the way through work and right into winedown Wednesday. For links, see below.

Skirt – Actual

Borrowed Skirt – Similar Style Here | Here | Here

Top 1 – Express Button Down Here

Top 2 – SheInside Off the Shoulder Top 

Borrowed Top 1 – Rent the Runway | Le Tote 

Borrowed Top 2 - Rent the Runway | Le Tote

Necklace 1 – (No longer available) Similar options here

Borrowed Necklace - RocksBox Loren Hope 

Other Borrowed Jewels Options from #BorrowedBabe Rocksbox Above

Shoes – Actual from Payless

The SW Version - Nudist Heel

Ebay – (The closest to borrowing shoes we get) :-) Stuart Weitzman

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