Sugarfix - How We Stay so Fly...

Sugarfix - How We Stay so Fly...

SugarFix by BaubleBar at Target -

The BLING of your inexpensive but fashionable dreams

2009 called. They want their lame song reference back...

(If you even remember that song and can name the artist without googling it, I'll give you a virtual chest bump and props to your one hit wonder knowledge. I sing it in my head all the time and had to Google the artist. THE MAIN ARTIST. Not the featured artist.) 

On your next Target run, make sure you stop and see all the bling from SugarFix by Bauble Bar.

On your next Target run, make sure you stop and see all the bling from SugarFix by Bauble Bar.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by SugarFix by BaubleBar for Target. It contains affiliate links. All words, opinions, ideas are my own. We all know I'm obsessed with Target and buy these items outside of this side hustle. If you make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. That I'll probably use to buy more bling. You've been disclaimed.  

Is There Sugar(fix) in Target? 


If you haven't been to Target recently to check out all the fabulous fashion and accessories they have to offer, then you better put on some pants and get your buns there now. They have always been a personal favorite of mine for inexpensive options for trendy fashion that fits adult women bodies, but I especially love their latest fashion moves. We've already shared our love for their various clothing lines, but today we are singing the praises of their latest bling collab. 

Sugarfix by BaubleBar

Another star in the affordable, effortlessly chic fashion finds at Target.

For the purpose of this post, I was gifted the following gorgeous bling options pictured below that you can pick up for yourself via the links provided or by visiting your local Target. 

The Details

As with every post I feature, I like to shed a little insight into why I love a certain brand or product. In this case, I love Target, BaubleBar and costume jewelry. And as much as I'd like to say I buy all of my fun jewelry pieces from BaubleBar, I do not. I tend to lose jewelry on the regular, so personally, for costume pieces, I like to keep them under $20, and the regular BaubleBar line doesn't always roll in that range. (BaubleBar still features very wallet-friendly price points, so don't SKIP shopping there thinking it is too high for the everyday runway.) That's where SUGARFIX by BaubleBar comes into play. 

Sugarfix features all the style and quality that you've come to know and love from Bauble Bar but at a slightly lower price point. For me, this means slightly less remorse when I misplace one of the earrings in the set. (Because that will happen.)

Endless Options

Sugarfix by BaubleBar is similar to all the stellar fashion collaboration roll outs Target has been working on lately and releases new items each month to keep your #OOTD bling fresh and fun. They are also showcasing TONS of style options no matter what level of glitz you choose to rock each day. From subtle color, to all over bling - they've got you covered. 



Stay Blinged, Not Broke

The necklace in my photo is currently unavailable, but you can select from several other warrior bib options still available. Options at your local Target may vary, but check out the variety available to order online here. 

The statement earrings they have are all fantastic! With bold earrings continuing to be a staple in other designer lines, these baubles will keep your little ears blinged out for days! As mentioned above the earrings available at your Target may vary, but there is a wide variety available at here

The Best of the Rest

What would this post be if we didn't tell you what else is going on with our love of Target? Below is a quick sampling of our favorite SUGARFIX pieces you can find on the shelves. Most of these are pieces you can find in many of our other photos and in our jewelry boxes (or floating around my purses, car seats, and closet floor.)


Drop me a line below with your favorite SUGARFIX by BaubleBar for Target pieces below.  

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