I Tried Mixing Prints and It was Magical - Why You Should Pattern and Color Mix for Maximum Style

I Tried Mixing Prints and It was Magical - Why You Should Pattern and Color Mix for Maximum Style

DVF Mixed Prints = The Vitamix of Fashion

Yes, I’m committed to this blender joke.

And you’ll understand why when you learn about the dress! This DVF Mixed Print Shirtdress is the blender of fashion because it mixes unexpected colors and patterns in a way that just works for every body shape, size, and skin tone. And nothing says, “Hey, look I know about this fashion thing” than successfully mixing colors, textures, and patterns well.

Max Prints = Max Style

Yes, you can mix patterns, colors, and styles like a CHAMP without knowing much about what works and what coordinates. (AND DO NOT PANIC. I know some folks are vehemently opposed to mixing colors and patterns, but honestly it looks so chic and cool if you do it the right way. And no, the right way isn’t wearing your plaid PJ pants with your Guns & Roses t-shirt and puffy bedroom slippers. Wait, who would do that? Where in the world did I get that outfit combo? No, it’s not what I am wearing as I type this. I look so much cooler than that…)

If you need current and age appropriate inspiration right now, just look to the QUEEN herself, Diane von Furstenberg. Her latest styles will make you feel like a fashionista but without the hassle and I’m not just referencing the style included in this post. Her latest line is chocked full of vibrant colors, bold patterns and unique style that are cut to fit and flatter women of all ages. (And also they feature Clueless throw back styles so if you want to drop $900 on an amazing jacket to feel like you are now the Cher Horowtiz you imagined yourself to be as a kid, you can totally do it. And do it well.)

Why You Need to Try It

Why not? Okay…so that may not be the most valid reason, but is there ever really a need in fashion to take a risk and try something new? Most of us here hardly ever need what we are wearing, but we want it and that is good enough for me. #FirstWorldLife

Prints without the Price

If you’re concerned about dropping big bucks on more vibrant, bold, one of a kind piece like this dress, don’t worry. That’s where Rent the Runway comes in. As much as I love a DVF wrap dress, a DVF dress of this nature may be something you only want to snag for temporary style (unless you’re already a pattern mixing pro, then by all means purchase this baby) and you can accomplish that by renting it from a rental service like Rent the Runway.

Using Rent the Runway to rent an iconic label like DVF will help you determine which size will work best for you so when you are ready to purchase a classic wrap dress by the ultimate of fashion divas, then you already know what size will fit best for your body type.

Shirt Dresses = Versatile Styling Options

The shirt dress may be one of the most versatile pieces you can keep on hand in your closet. It is easy to dress up or down and fits almost every dress code under the sun. I kept this rental from my Update subscription for almost two months and wore it several times with a variety of shoes. My favorite pair to to wear with it are these amazing Christian Siriano for Payless mules. (Which, I’ve linked below so keep on keeping on.)

Shoes for All Babes

You all know how I feel about brands who cater to women of all sizes so Payless is one of my go to brands for that reason. As a lady with slightly larger than average feet, I have an INTENSELY hard time finding fashionable shoes that fit. Payless solves all those issues for me and my go to label there is the Christian Siriano line. He has mastered the art of making fashion function for all women. (And Leslie Jones wears it and she’s funny AF, so I’m on team Siriano.)

Accessories for Less

Shocker: My accessories are from Target. They are Sugarfix by BaubleBar. That line never fails me. The prices can’t be beat and the styles are crazy good. Click below to shop them.

How it Fits

Be warned though…as much as I loved this DVF dress, it was the oddest fitting DVF item I’ve ever worn. It ran SUPER large. I am wearing a size small in the picture and it was still rather loose. The only area the small was evident (to me anyways) was in the belt. In photos online you’ll see it tied in several cute ways, but my waist was too large for that nonsense. (Hence, just a normal loose bow for me!) In an ideal world, I’d wear the small dress but with the medium or large belt for maximum tie versatility.

Also worth mentioning, the belt is different on each side, so you can opt to use one print over another when you tie it. SERIOUSLY…so many options in one piece.

Shop this Dress on Rent the Runway with LTK.It

Be the Vitamix You Know You Can Be

Are you going to mix it up this fall? If so, let me know in the comments below!

All photos in this post taken by Kelly Martucci photography in Jacksonville, Florida.



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