Five Fresh Ways to Wear Florals in Fall

Five Fresh Ways to Wear Florals in Fall

Keep Your Fall Fashion Fresh with Dark Florals

5 Fresh Ways to Wear Florals in Fall by Stephanie Mack The Borrowed Babes Fashion Blog from Rent the Runway Photo by Kelly Martucci-1.jpg

Dark Florals and Boots for Fall?

Just Call Me Miranda

We all know the line. It's iconic. And also filled with the harsh truth for spring style year after year. Are florals ever really groundbreaking? We see them every spring and summer and we typically rock them until the basic b**ches of autumn roll into our lives. At which point, we pack away the prints and bust out the flannel and plaid and pretend to live our prettiest pumpkin patch lives.

But it’s 2018. This is no ordinary year. It’s time for a change. (What a time to be alive, y’all.) It’s time to keep florals in full bloom until Miranda tells you it’s no longer acceptable. (And I mean the actual Miranda…the person who inspired the character anyways. Not me. I don’t think that highly of my opinion. Not yet anyways. Give me a few glasses of wine and I may say otherwise.)

And the great thing about fashion this fall, is florals are here to stay but are showing in the moody, muted tones I need to ensure the prints match my snarky sentiments, pale skin and cold heart. (I’m talking black, grey, olive, beige, burgundy, etc.)

I’m Not Even a Flower Girl

I mean that in the sense that I generally don’t care for flowers. Don’t buy them for me. I can’t appreciate them. I’d rather a $50 Target gift card if you need to show your love. BUT in the wedding sense, I was a flower girl several times. Along with a bridesmaid almost as many times as the 27 dresses chick. TRUE STORY. I’ve probably been a maid of honor in almost as many weddings as you’ve attended…and that doesn’t count my spins as just a bridesmaid. (Another post, another day.)

However, florals this fall seem to be almost as important as PSL, pumpkin picking, and scarf wrapping, so finding a print in a tone you’ll love won’t be hard. You can easily find florals in dresses, jackets, boots, and pj’s so there is no excuse to not give them a wear in the next few months. (Honestly.)

How To Freshen It Up for Fall

1) Sheer Mesh Floral Tops

This top from Target (from this post on #TheBorrowedBlog) is perfect for fall. Especially in places where it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet. It’s perfect for layering under dresses, dressing up a pair of boyfriend denim, or for pattern mixing with fun skirts.

2) Mini Dresses with Moto Accessories

Dresses with moto accessories is one of my favorite looks year round, not just in the fall. Adding a little edge to your florals with leather and hardware is a quick, easy, inexpensive way to bring fall vibes to your summer florals. (image via Pinterest linked in photo.)

3) Floral Booties

For those of you that don’t love wearing florals on your clothing, you can always add a little edge with floral boots and booties for fall. My favorites from Just Fab (one of my go to online shoe sources) are linked above. Floral booties are an inexpensive way to add a little flair to your classic LBD or summer sundresses to easily transition seasons for less.

4) Go 2000’s Chic in Silk Tops and Distressed Denim

Everything that’s old is new again, right? Throw it back to your old college days (or high school for some of you) and go with the classic top and denim look. Keep it fresh with of the moment styles and distressed denim instead of the wide leg and spaghetti straps of the good ole days. (Image from Pinterest via Who What Wear)

5) Floral Moto Jackets

Yes, here I go again with mentions of moto jackets. I. LOVE. THEM. While I typically keep them simple, I love the idea of one with a little more panache. In this instance, because it is more of a trendy statement piece I absolutely encourage renting an item of this nature. I linked some of my favorite picks for floral moto jackets from Rent the Runway above.

BONUS OPTIONS: If none of these strike your fancy just keep your fall florals fresh with darker prints, jewel tones, sweater dresses, flowy maxis and dresses that layer. EASY! Below is one of my other favorite darker floral options from Rent the Runway along with similar styles you can snag for your fall floral needs.

EXTRA BONUS FOR THOSE OPPOSED TO FLORALS: Just rent a new bag for fall. My go to for handbag rentals is Bag Borrow or Steal. That is where I snagged my YSL for the photos in this post, but you can learn more about them here. Or shop my favorites below.

Fall in Florida

But What About You? 

Once in a blue moon I'll receive a stray comment from a friend or passerby about how they couldn't pull off some of the dresses I wear because they aren't tall or they have a short waist, etc. etc. BUT I AM NOT HERE FOR THAT. This dress is amazing! Anyone can pull it off but you need to be prepared for compliments and double takes. (And also prepared to use some dress tape and boob lift tape.) For reference, I rented a size 8 in this Proenza Schouler dress and it fit perfectly.

Shop The Exact Look 

Dress: Pansy Long Sleeve Dress by Proenza Schouler from Rent the Runway | Here 

Buy the Dress: Pansy Long Sleeve Dress by Proenza Schouler from The Line | Here 

Rent Similar Looks from Rent the Runway

Here | Here | Here | Here

Buy Similar Moody Floral Dresses 

These options below are similar styles from a few of my favorite retailers. These are all budget friendly and stylish for a darker spring look.

Here | Here | Here

Shop the Post with LTK.IT

Is your soul ready to rock darker fall florals or will you be sticking to the plaids and prints you already know and love?   



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