If You Wear It, It Will Come! How to Dress for a Florida Faux Fall

If You Wear It, It Will Come! How to Dress for a Florida Faux Fall

Because we all know in Florida there is no Fall… Only Summer Light.

The Borrowed Babes Fashion Blog Stephanie Mack in ALC Blue Kylla Dress and Veda Jacket from Rent the Runway

So we sweat in our jackets and boots and pretend we’re fine. We’re all fine. No really…I’m not hot.

Let's Have an Adventure

Adventure is my nice way of saying getting dressed during the most awkward weather of the year garners as much excitement from me every morning as getting a colonoscopy would, but ehhh, that's life and sometimes life is awkward. (Almost as awkward as that that time I accidentally text my boss sh*t I was talking about her to her...yeah, that's a true story and not just some bs I made to fit this post...come to think of it figuring out what to wear this time of year may not be as awkward as that, but still uncomfortable none the less.) It's not that I don't love this time of year, it's just that I don't love attempting to decide if I should wear Winter, Spring or Summer attire or perhaps an amalgam of all three somehow. .

Sweater Weather

You won't win with your weird weather swings between morning, noon, and night, Mother Nature. In my 33 years of life, I've finally learned how to handle your mood swings and dress accordingly. Granted, it's taken me longer to learn than generally socially acceptable to admit, but I am strong willed, determined, and resolute (aka stubborn as all hell) and will make you my b**ch. And I'll share my tricks to making you my b**ch with EVERYONE...well at least the 3 people that read this will know SO HA-HA. WE WIN!

Cause It's Too Cold

Here's the deal about this time of year...you are either hot or cold. There is never a level of comfort that can be as easily achieved as one would hope. If you go full on jacket you'll get sweaty by noon. If you go full on dress without layering for the season your headlights will be distracting everyone all day long. If you layer tops and bottoms, but don’t do it properly you’ll be a hot mess express indoors and a frigid troll outdoors. You get the drift...

No Shirt, No Blouse

Here's my favorite style tip for dressing during awkward transitional weather (aka Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall, Moving from The Good Place to the Bad Place {BORTLES!}…you get the drift). Dresses. Dresses are my go to for layering when the weather can't decide if it is going through early onset menopause or if it is just going to let the hot flash pass without killing us in our sleep. You may think dresses are counter intuitive but they are actually incredibly easy to layer, travel well, and easy to mix up and carry over from season to season. 

The Goosebumps Start to Raise

NOT ON MY STYLE WATCH! That's why you layer and always bring a light jacket. (Insert Miss Congeniality reference here, but that's not within my Sweater Weather song theme so I left it out.) Dresses and jackets are the way to go because mixing seasons and styles with the juxtaposition of feminine and edgy is my go to thing. So here's what I do. I mix jackets with a little more edge (i.e. motos, denim, structured blazers) with slightly more feminine dresses that you can easily pair with heels, sandals, sneakers, or boots. Add in a long sleeve tee, mock neck blouse, or full-on turtleneck, with a pair of tights and a scarf and you're set. 

All the pics below taken by my girl @KellyMartucci are my best examples of said advice mentioned above. BUT since I know that doesn't give you a lot to go off of, I'm also including some of my favorite picks that are available to purchase now to help you achieve maximum awkward weather style. 

Shop The Styles from Rent the Runway or LTK.it

Rent the Look from Rent the Runway

Dress: ALC by Rent the Runway | Here

Jacket: Veda by Rent the Runway | Here

Jewelry: Switch Jewelry Rental Service | Here 

Move to a Place Far Away

Are you confused because you have no clue what I'm talking about since you live somewhere that has seasons and not somewhere like Florida where it's hotter than two rats in a wool sock behind a dryer year round? Yeah, that I had seasons for a few months here in Newport, but we’re coming back so I’m practicing my faux fall layering game. I am now adapting and this is my story. :-) (Isn't that an SVU type sign off?)

What are your go to style tips for this time of year? Leave me your go to styles in the comments below. 

Full Disclosure - Post Originally Published in Early May for Spring to Summer Styles, but hey, let’s revisit again. We’ve made it to the time of year where Satan only wears a cap sleeve tee instead of a wife beater in our neck of the woods so it’s time to modify our dressing. You’re Welcome.



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