The Best Moody Florals for Spring

Dark florals for spring...because sometimes you want to fit in with trends but also be your dark moody self

 OBSESSED with this rental from Rent the Runway. I wish I could own it and be buried in it. Weird? Whatever.  Photo by Kelly Martucci

OBSESSED with this rental from Rent the Runway. I wish I could own it and be buried in it. Weird? Whatever.

Photo by Kelly Martucci

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking...

Just Call Me Miranda

We all know the line. It's iconic. And also filled with the harsh truth for spring style year after year (and we all know I love to tell people what I'm thinking ALL THE TIME...Groundbreaking, I know.) Are florals ever really groundbreaking? We see them every spring and summer and we all rock them to usher winter out the door and let warmer weather wash over our pale bums. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the florals and feminine prints that roll out each spring, I dig them and typically wear a lot of them. BUT you know...sometimes you don't want to wear bright colors and florals every March and April. I need my black, grey, and moody undertones to match my snarky sentiments, pale skin and cold heart. 

This spring has been especially snarky and moody for me thanks to it NOT BEING WARM IN NEWPORT. But that's another story for another post on another day... 

The Happy Medium 

Dark florals are where it's at for me this spring. I blame my mood combined with the Newport weather. It's still not warm there (not for my Florida blood anyway) so I have to keep my darker bases pieces in tact in order to still wear my winter boots and jackets to stay warm. And don't let these cute pics fool you. Kelly and I planned this shoot without looking at the weather forecast and even though it was in Florida, it was 30 degrees in Jacksonville that morning. You want to talk about cold? We played in the beach sand and waves barefoot for this look and at the end of it I almost lost a toe. Honestly, losing a toe wouldn't phase me because I hate my feet and toes are gross but I've heard you need them for balance and movement so until there is a foot replacement surgery, I'm stuck with the ugly flat feet God gave me. 

What About Me? 

Once in a blue moon I'll get a stray comment from a friend or passerby about how they couldn't pull off some of the dresses I wear because they aren't tall or they have a short waist, etc. etc. BUT I AM NOT HERE FOR THAT. This dress is amazing! Anyone can pull it off but you need to be prepared for compliments and double takes. (And also prepared to use some dress tape and boob lift tape.) For reference, I rented a size 8 in this Proenza Schouler dress and it fit perfectly.

Here are a few things you need to know about this dress:

1) The fabric has ZERO stretch so size up if you have larger ladies or have a little extra junk in the trunk. 
2) The dress is lined but it's not heavy or thick. So if there is still a nip in the air, your nips will show. :-) There needs to be dress tape involved if you don't want your headlights at attention at all times. 
3) The leg slits are high, but not inappropriate. You'll still be able to wear this out with family and friends and not worry about pulling a Britney/Lindsey/Paris circa 2007 sitch. (By the way that was when they all couldn't seem to understand that their lady parts were visible without underwear when exiting vehicles.) 
4) You can style this dress this for every season and occasion. I went barefoot on the beach for a laid back spring look, but wore this dress again to dinner that same chilly night with my thigh high black boots and a leather jacket. I then rocked it one more time with black Stuart Weitzman Nudist knock off style heels for a dressier look. It is extremely versatile depending on your rental needs. 

Sex(y) on the Beach does Kelly do it? She made me look so cool the morning of this shoot! I've shouted her out before but if you ever need a photographer in Jacksonville, look her up. Follow her on IG @kellymartucci

Shop The Exact Look 

Dress: Pansy Long Sleeve Dress by Proenza Schouler from Rent the Runway | Here 

Buy the Dress: Pansy Long Sleeve Dress by Proenza Schouler from The Line | Here 

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These options below are similar styles from a few of my favorite retailers. These are all budget friendly and stylish for a darker spring look.

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Maybe my soul just hasn't adjusted to the climate change in Newport but I've been extra moody this spring?! How's your spring style looking? Let me know in the comments below.  



Post Updated May 10, 2018: We made this week's LALM by Independent Fashion Bloggers. Be sure to check them out. 

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