The Borrowed Babes' Guide: How to Rent the Runway for a Weekend Getaway

The Borrowed Babes' Guide: How to Rent the Runway for a Weekend Getaway

Renting from Rent the Runway for a Weekend!

Wedding, Vacation, Staycation or Bar Crawl...They've Got it All!

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I get asked a lot of questions. Not even really from my 4.5 readers or in the 1.5 DM's I get a day, but more from people on the street. (Yes, that is my passive aggressive dig at people who constantly talk about how many questions they get...or how many DM's they get. Listen, I'm sure you do get asked a lot of stuff. I get like 8 dick pics DM'ed a day. You don't see me talking about it. Oh wait...nevermind. I prefer you start with a more unique intro. There are lots of words in the dictionary...just start with honesty, "Listen, we all know I'm on LTK.It and I want you to buy some sh*t so here's the lowdown." The day I hear that is the day I found my new best blogging friend. I'll be waiting...but back to the point...)

This is Not a Made Up Question

My most frequently asked questions range from things like, "What is wrong with you?" "How tall are you?" "Can you dunk?" "Do your shoes double as water skis?" BUT once in a while strangers ask me about what I'm wearing. And yes, sometimes they follow it up with a classic backhanded compliment so the question turns into a crap sandwich and goes something along the lines of, "Hey! I like that outfit. I didn't realize someone so tall could wear a jumpsuit like that." (BACKHANDED COMPLIMENTS ARE ALWAYS THE ICING ON THE BUTTHOLE CAKE, you guys.) And on those days, those days, I know that even if it is a robber (Do people even say robber these days? Or should it say a burglar? Perhaps mugger? I don't know the proper terminology to reference thieves and their preferred monikers in 2018) and they are asking because they are attempting to decide if I am worth mugging or not, then either way, I feel like I've made it.

Answer Time

From that question on, It's my time to shine!! That's when I hit them with the information about clothing rental services and how to use them like a DAMN BOSS. I tell them more than ever wanted to know or actually asked about my clothing and where they come from because that's what I do. I overshare about fashion. I'm still mind-boggled by how many people don't know about clothing rentals...think it's weird...or just generally stare blankly at me when I broach the subject of renting clothing online from clothing rental services. 

Renting Clothes is the New Black

Renting Clothes is the Netflix of Fashion

Renting Clothes is the Coolest

My Recs for Renting 

Here's the deal...I've given you the lowdown on Rent the Runway and various ways to use it, but today I'm addressing the most common question I receive. It's usually a 2 - 3 part question inquiring about the ability to rent items for a long weekend getaway, a vacation or possibly a weekend of wedding festivities and not run into issues with the start and end dates. I attempt to reply with my own series of questions to better tailor the responses, BUT for the sake of brevity and this post, I'm going with the most frequently asked question. "If I'm going to an out of town wedding/birthday/vacation, how can I rent from Rent the Runway without using a one time 8-day rental?"

Enter Rent the Runway Subscription Services - Update and Unlimited

What Is Rent the Runway Update?

Rent the Runway Update subscription service is the best way to nail your weekend rental needs without causing concern over the start and return dates and will even give you time to wear them again during the week if you loved them that much! Once you're subscribed you can build your shipment of 4 pieces and enjoy them all month long. After your next billing date (which hits the same day every month) you are eligible to swap your rentals for new styles. Fall in love with one of your at-home styles? You can always keep renting it as part of next month's shipment or you can buy it at a members-only discount.

Rent the Runway Update only costs $89 a month and IS SO WORTH IT. (Click below for a first month discount of only $69.) Seriously...even if you are just thinking of doing a one-time rental, join this sucker for a few months to give RTR a test run. You'll fall in love and wondered how in the world you traveled without this service. 

How It Works 

The premise of Rent the Runway Update is very similar to the Unlimited program I've mentioned before. (More information on that service to come in a future post.), BUT Update does not have as many options nor as much flexibility. WHICH IS WHY I LOVE IT FOR WEEKEND RENTAL NEEDS. Granted, I could have told you about this so you could have been renting the crap out of a summer vacay wardrobe but I'm talking about it now because fall is just as busy, if not busier than summer and requires more clothes in the sense that you cannot just walk around half naked in a swimmie and call it a style. One, it would be weird. Two, you'd be cold in many places. And three, who picks pumpkins in a bikini? 

The Best Tips to Select your 4 Styles

If you've browsed RTR before now, you know you have the ability to HEART items you love and save the information for possible future rentals...if you've done that work, this rental process is super duper quick and easy. If not, no worries. It is still super duper quick and easy to figure out but the first 4 items may be slightly harder to nail down because you'll have no clue just how many options you'll be able to choose from. Below I'm sharing my best tips to help you select your items if you are not already on the RTR Heart train. 

1) Don't Try to Look like Beyonce if you are shaped like The Rock
AKA Know your body. Know what works and what doesn't. Know some brands you love. Know what cuts you love. From there, focus on fit and flattering styles and not the fancy and dreamy dresses you see in magazines that JUST WOULDN'T FIT THE ROCK LIKE THEY DO BEYONCE. 

2) Listen to your Peers
AKA Read the Reviews! Members and renters have the opportunity to post their feedback on items and share pictures. AND LOTS OF THEM DO. Use their previous experience and knowledge. It will help you determine if you need to order up or down a size. I promise you this makes a world of difference in your success. 

3) Think with your HEARTS
AKA Use the app and HEART your favorites. I mentioned it earlier, but when you have a free minute or 50 to browse online or on the app, heart what you like and put them into lists. It will cut out a lot of wasted time when you decide to select the items for your shipments. 

4) Use your Calendar and Brain
AKA Use your upcoming plans and think ahead before selecting items. If you know you have a wedding coming up or perhaps a Girls Night Out or a family event...think about that when selecting your items. Sure, I love that new Marchesa gown but WHY GET IT IF I HAVE NO REASON AND ALSO NEED A BABY SHOWER DRESS for next week? I mean, sure, you can get the gown and then create an event but seriously that requires way more work than needed and let's be real...if you're here it's because money doesn't grow on trees or your dolls ran out of hair to give you to spend so you need to watch your wallet. We are not the type of people just renting gowns and then hosting black tie galas for the hell of it. AND if you are, email me. Let's. Be. Friends.  

5) Don't D*ck Around
AKA Try on your items IMMEDIATELY. If something doesn't work, reach out to customer service. They can help you switch it out for another size or send a new style in the place of the one that doesn't work, but they can't help you if you let the box sit on your living room table for 2.5 weeks after delivery. You need to jump on that ASAP. 

6) Pay it Forward
AKA Leave your Reviews...Instead of mindlessly scrolling social for eternity, post your pics and reviews to help a sister out. Trust me, it's worth the 5 minutes of your life. 

Swap Each Month

When you're ready to return, just place the items back in the mail OR you can buy them at a discounted price. The billing cycles run monthly, but if you choose to hold onto a couple of items for longer, you are able to do so. Prior to August 2018, you only had a small window to return your items, but now they have relaxed that window so you can keep things for a few extra days if needed as long as you are paying your bill. JACKPOT. 

The Best Looks from my Rent the Runway Subscription Rentals


Here is one of my favorite features of the Update program...let's say you are going on vacation for a week. And let's say you plan to wear 5 outfits a day at the beach, knowing good and dang well you barely wear 5 outfits a week in your normal day to day living, BUT HEY IT'S VACAY...DRESS AWAY. So you think you might need more than 4 items in one week? NO PROBLEM. With Update, you are able to add a few extra pieces to your shipment for $25 a pop and complete a few ensembles if you so desire. 

An Inside Look at my RTR Rotation 

Below, I'm sharing a few of my favorite pieces from the Update program. I've worn ALL OF THESE. They all worked and fit well because I read reviews prior to renting. For example, I'm linking a super cool DVF dress below. Based on my previous DVF rentals I would have absolutely selected a Large, but I read reviews. Everyone talked about how massively large it ran. So I rented a small! And guess what? IT FIT. And honestly, it's still loose, but it's also not meant to fit like a bandage dress so the loose and flowy vibe is in line with the style and feel of the dress. 

Jumpsuits Galore

If you landed here from IG - then you saw my jumpsuit. I've linked it as well as several other jumpsuits from Rent the Runway below through Like to Know...and guess what? I have actually worn each of these jumpsuits from Rent the Runway. I am NOT linking you to worthless ideas. I vouch for each and every one of these. I don't know whether I should be sad about that feat or impressed? 

Are you Ready to Update your Closet? 

If so, click below to try Rent the Runway Update for only $69 a month. 

Or click here to just try Rent the Runway and receive $30 off your first rental. 

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