On Thursday's We Wear Target

On Thursday's We Wear Target

Because Starting New #HASHTAGS is so #FETCH Right Now

Move over bitches, there is a new Mean Girl in town....

Do I look like Regina George here? I'm giving my best Mean Girl face while rocking my ALL TARGET look.   Photo by Kelly Martucci, Jacksonville, Florida photographer

Do I look like Regina George here? I'm giving my best Mean Girl face while rocking my ALL TARGET look. 

Photo by Kelly Martucci, Jacksonville, Florida photographer

Okay, not really. I'm not going to MEAN GIRL you into believing this trend is going to catch on, (because bullying is NOT COOL, okay) but it would be FETCH if you helped me make it happen. 


Do it. Just start it. Let it catch on. Like wildfire. It would be roofus. (Wait, how many movies can I quote in one article?) 

When Target is Life

If you follow my shenanigans at all you know Target is a staple in this closet. I have, on more than one occasion, made the statement, "If I can't get it at Target, then I don't need to own it." Although I half believe that, there are times when Target just can't get the job done. (i.e. actual cars, actual houses, some makeup products, intense anti-aging old lady face products, and shoes. They don't carry enough shoes in my size. UGH.) But today was not one of those days. Target did it all. 

I didn't even realize when I initially paired all of these pieces together that my entire body was clothed in the glory that is Target. It was a life goal I didn't realize I needed to achieve, but now MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. ;-) You should give it a try. Make a to do list, put that goal on it, go shopping and achieve it. You're Welcome. 

Who What Wear

We all know how I feel about this amazing clothing line at Target. They are trendy, quality styles in a wide range of sizes at affordable price points. If you never read my love store to Who What Wear, you can check out the original post here

New Looks at Target

If you've been to Target recently you know they are really stepping up their already fabulous style game. They are redesigning the in-store shopping experience to ensure you can easily build an entire head to toe look without wondering through various and getting lost or distracted. The new layout in my favorite Target at the St. Johns Town Center is beautiful. 

On top of all of this, they have added amazing new lines across the store. For women's clothing, they've added A New Day and Joy Lab.  Goodfellow & Co. is a new line where modern meshes with classic styles for the men in your life (or for just distracting them while you shop for yourself!) AND if you are looking for some new, stylish products check out their new home line, Project62.

Target is Clutch

Here's the deal about Target...they are always on point. They will keep you looking fabulous on the regular and on the fly if needed. I never fear traveling because I know if anything happens to my stuff I'll just search out a Target and get my life together. I can just swing by a Target and buy an entirely new outfit and not look like a washed up alley cat.

The Look

Thanks to Kelly Martucci you can actually see this whole look in all its glory! 

How jealous are you of my paleness? LOL Forgot the self tanner this day. WHOOPS. 

Get the Look 

Below I've linked all the details from my Target Style look. The dress may be sold out online, but you can try finding it in your local Target. 

The Dress: Chiffon Mini Dress by Who What Wear at Target | Here 

The Coat: A New Day Hooded Trench Coat | Here

The Bag: Colorblock Satchel Handbag by Who What Wear at Target | Here 

Shop the Post with LTK.IT

Just Say Challenge Accepted 

If you made it all the way to the end, you now have three tasks. 

1) Go to Target.

2) Buy an Outfit. 

3) Post a pic with hashtag #OnThursdaysWeWearTarget


And if you do, leave me a comment below so I can follow you on IG and totally fangirl over your stylish Mean Girl ways. 


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