Just Living my Best Graphic Tee Life

There will never be enough vintage, concert or punny tees in my life

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I have a problem. (Well several, but that's a completely different type of blogging to tackle those issues.) I. LOVE. GRAPHIC. TEES. More than any adult my age in my profession probably should. You can just scroll my home page for .4 seconds and see multiple tee shirt posts. Seriously, someone should stop me. 


Now That We Have an Understanding

You should also know my other great love in life is Prince. The musician. (Not Prince Harry or WIlliam. Get out of here with that mess.) I grew up listening to him. I have records. I have CDs. I have his music on iTunes. I own multiple t-shirts. Have watched Purple Rain more times than you. AND the pièce de ré·sis·tance...Seen him in concert with Mary J. Blige as a surprise guest!!! (SO DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING BECAUSE I SAW THEM BOTH IN THE SAME ROOM AND YOU DIDN'T. Well actually you could have, so if so YAAS!) I'm 99% sure more people called, texted or contacted me the day he died than when I got married to my husband. That's how much the love is REAL and known. (Is that sad? Maybe. But it still doesn't stop me from living my Purple life.) 

If you're new to the Prince world, I've left you a clip below. There are far better clips for you newbies, but I'm in a Super Bowl state of mind now that my other great love in life, Justin Timberlake has been announced as the latest halftime show. (Thank You, baby Jesus & Roger Goodell.) So enjoy and you're welcome. 

Enter Target 

Why? You know they always get me but why did this shirt have to pop up on my feed? THANKS, TARGET. JUST OWN MY SOUL, okay? 

Tees for Days

Like any sane adult would do, I ran immediately out of my office, which is conveniently a 3 minute drive from the BEST TARGET IN TOWN and went to snag a shirt. You can still snag one for yourself online or at your local Target as well. Don't sleep on these deals. 

If Prince isn't your jam, well get out of my life, (JK...to each their musical own) BUT right now Target is crushing the vintage tee and band shirt game so they probably have something more up your alley. I've linked my exact shirt below along with some other classic band tees for your picking. Each image contains the link to shop the look on Target.com or search for one in your closest Target. 

These tees aren't oversize, so if you want it baggy, size up. For reference I am wearing a size large. I tell myself these are made for children and not women, but in reality I am larger than the average bear so I go large instead of small. No one wants me to look like an overgrown toddler choking in my tight tee. (Tight pants skit, anyone? Bueller?) 

Dress Up to Get Down 

No one loves pairing a tee shirt with a skirt more than me, so as much as my husband doesn't understand that move, I did it again here with my latest RTR obsession. This Tanya Taylor skirt is TOTALLY AMAZING. You can purchase one outright online, but I've been holding onto this rental for far too long and worn it no less than 5 times. I finally parted ways with it but not without shedding an almost tear over my overly sentimental for no damn reason attachment to it. I've linked the rental below, but if you want to purchase one to own forever, click here

Don't let the high slit detour you. It's sexy without being skanky, flattering without being flimsy, and flirty without feeling too girly. It's high waisted and runs slightly large. I wore my normal size because I didn't want to show too much leg, but I could have sized down for a more fitted waist. 

This floral grayson skirt by Tanya Taylor also comes in a dress and is available on Rent the Runway or in stores. GET IT IN YOUR LIFE! 

This floral grayson skirt by Tanya Taylor also comes in a dress and is available on Rent the Runway or in stores. GET IT IN YOUR LIFE! 

The Never Ending Rebecca Minkoff Bag 

Much like my affinity for tees with skirts, I wear this Rebecca Minkoff bag with everything. You can find similar ones available for rent on Rent the Runway or purchase one directly from the QUEEN herself right now during her sample sale. {Insert praying hands emoji here} 

Click here to shop that SHIT. 

Embellishment for that LUXE Life

If you've seen me recently you know that these shoes are LIFE. I wrote a whole post on them. Click here to read that, but the link to purchase them is below. 

My favorite shoes at the moment! 

My favorite shoes at the moment! 

Full Look & Life Updates

Shout Out to my MAIN photog babe, Kelly Martucci for these amazing photos! She's my best friend in my blog life at the moment and is really upping the Borrowed Blog game. Make sure to check out her work with people with way better faces, situational awareness, and style than mine on her Insta @KellyMartucci

If you're looking for the FULL SCOOP on what's going down in our lives right now, see my post about the BIG MOVE here. {insert the crying emoji}

Shop the Post with LTK

Tee Time 

Whew...that not so clever last sub-heading was a stretch, but regardless - Do you wear graphic tees and if so how do you style them? Let me know in the comments below. 


Post Updated October 28, 2017: We've been featured in IFB's October 27th LALM!! Make sure you check out all the other bloggers included in the weekly round up as well. Thanks, IFB! 

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