It's Easy to Go Bananas on a Budget for the Banana Leaf Trend

Like Uncle Johnny Says - "What Are You Bananas?" 

Banana Leaf Print: Jokes for Days

Pssshhh...if you haven't started listening to Elvis Duran yet, seriously, what are you waiting for? That joke is for Uncle Johnny and you need to know who that is to get the reference. Luckily for you, I enjoy driving you away from here with obscure pop culture references and this post will be no different because I am INDEED check out my BFF on IG, Uncle Johnny here. This way you'll know what I'm talking about. And listen to him HERE to get the bananas joke. ;-) 

Picture taken by Sara Coffin Photography at the First Annual Style Collective conference in Raleigh, NC in April. Click the image to visit Sarah's site and book her amazing skills!

Picture taken by Sara Coffin Photography at the First Annual Style Collective conference in Raleigh, NC in April. Click the image to visit Sarah's site and book her amazing skills!

Tropical Prints and Vacation Vibes 

That's what Summer 2018 style is made of. Give me or ANY fashion forward chick a banana leaf, palm print, tassel, pom pom or woven straw anything and WE ARE ALL ABOUT IT. I mean seriously, it's like a sickness. And the only prescription is more PALM PRINT. 

Leafy and Green 

This palm, banana leaf, tropical leaf print trend is nothing new to you fashion forward babes. It was here last summer and has carried itself over in all of its leafy green goodness. (Why not match your wardrobe with your salads?) Can a palm print a day keep winter away? Maybe? I'm here to find out. 

Shady but Trendy 

Let's highlight my favorite designer doing this print right now. Milly. I am digging all of Milly's latest releases. Their brand has done a pivot as far as design and demographics are concerned over the last couple of years and I am loving it. AND for you sassy Moms out there...if matching your kids is your thing, Milly is here for you. They have the sweetest and cutest mini me styles so you two can match all summer long. (No judgement here...I'm waiting for them to release dog clothes and then I'm on board for matching my kid. So maybe my kid has 3 legs? Whatever. That's still one more than your human so as far as I'm concerned he's cool.) 

Banana Leaf Print: Sweet or Sexy

Good news...if you feel like rocking this banana leaf print with a little more skin on display, you can. BUT, if like me, you need to hide your doughy pale (or maybe just not quite summer display ready) goodness, there are styles for you as well. AND there are a variety of price points to score this trend. Obviously, Milly is on the high end of the spectrum but the quality and fit is there to back it up. If you don't want to drop a load of cash on something slightly more trendy, then keep scrolling. Below I've linked options to rent and buy my favorite palm and leaf prints at lower price points to keep you and your pockets happy all summer. (I mean what's the point in looking fab if you can't afford to go anywhere in it? AMIRIGHT?

Style Notes

You may have noticed a lot of the dresses and styles linked above require something other than your normal over the shoulder boulder holders to wear without looking like a strappy messed monster. I've linked my favorite tape bra options above for ladies with slightly smaller gals. If you are more busty, you're on your own. WHY? Because if I tell you anything to wear to support your ladies I'm coming from a place to total made up malarkey. I have no clue what you do or need to keep them in check. I'll tell you this about the Milly dress in the post, there is room for your ladies. I adjust the tie on mine in order to make it tighter, but you have room to let it out a smidge and let your chest breathe. I can't guarantee you wouldn't rock a little underboob, but that's on you, ya sexy lady. 

Shop this Banana Leaf Trend Post

Rent the Banana Leaf Trend Look

As always...I'm sharing my Rent the Runway secrets with you! Make sure to grab these looks before they are sold out for summer. I've worn both of the dresses I linked below. They are both glorious. I've linked the yellow in case you don't want to throw shade all summer with these leafy tree prints. (Get it?) So if that basic summer style isn't your jam, snag the yellow one because the fit and style is the exact same and you'll LOVE it. 

Milly Banana Leaf Print Dress from Rent the Runway | Here and Same Style in another print and color from Rent the Runway (for reference I wear a size 8 in this style) | Here

J. Brand Denim Jacket from Rent the Runway | Here


**By the way... BABES in the header photo are some of my blogger besties I met at the Style Collective conference in Raleigh, North Carolina in April. The amazing picture was taken by Sara Coffin photography. (Click here to check out her work but I am also linking her IG @saracoffinphoto.)
Pictured from L to R: 
Suzanne of Curls and Cappuccinos - @curlsandcappuccinos 
Sarah of Sarah Out and About - @sarahoutandabout
Kayra Merrils - @KayraMerrills
ME ;-) 
Amber of Suburban Socialitie - @SuburbanSocialite



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